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Primary Group Tuition

My Academy offers weekly small group tuition for Primary students. The groups are limited to no more than 8 students enabling the qualified teacher to give each student individual attention and differentiate to suit each students abilities. The group tutoring covers both Maths and English as well as specialist GATE groups.

Primary 1 on 1 Tuition

One on one primary tuition allows students the time and space to consolidate and extend concepts with the undivided attention of a qualified Primary tutor. The Primary tutor works with each individuals learning style to make learning fun and enjoyable, while helping them achieve their goals.

High School 1 on 1 Tuition

My Academy offers 1 on 1 tuition for high school students in a wide variety of subjects. The high school tutors are highly knowledgeable in their subject area and have a in-depth knowledge of the curriculum requirements. The high school tutors are able to both extend and support learning as well as work on exam skills.

2019 GATE Statistics
Schools offer GATE Programmes
GATE places in total
Students sat the GATE Exam in 2019
Students were tutored by My Academy
My Academy Tutoring Perth - What is GATE and why is it important?

What is GATE (ASET)?

GATE (ASET) consists of programs with highly motivating learning opportunities for students who have extraordinary academic scope or are creatively talented.

GATE (ASET) Test Preparation

Our Perth tutors enthusiastically help students in test preparation for the GATE Test or Selective schools scholarships as well as end of school exams.

How can My Academy help?

GATE (ASET) programs are of  high demand and are very competitive, give your child the advantage of a My Academy fully qualified tutor.

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