My Academy is well established in Perth with centres in Claremont, Cannington and Malaga, offering tutoring and education support services for all ages and abilities. We pride ourselves on catering for our clients’ individual needs with excellence and attention to detail. Our primary tutors are qualified in education and our high school teachers are chosen for their depth of knowledge and their ability to connect with teenagers.  We understand that children have different learning styles and we offer group and individual classes.

We work in partnership with schools to support the wonderful work they do, and the majority of our clients have been referred to us by others who have benefited from our services. Our mission is to actively inspire learning for all ages and all abilities in their quest for excellence.

Director – Rachel Dreier

Rachel has a BEd (Hons) degree from Oxford University in the UK specialising in 4-11 year olds. Having taught for several years in the UK and gaining experience with a vast range of abilities and year groups, Rachel made the move into the business sector believing that world experience would enhance her teaching skills. When she moved to Australia many years ago she thrived on the experience of doing some teaching in Australian schools and realised how vital outside tuition can be to supporting learning within the schools.

Rachel has completed a Master of Education in Early Childhood and a second Masters in Special Learning Needs. “I love seeing how children learn and I truly believe that 1 to 1 and small group tuition benefits children in numerous ways”. Rachel is in the centre daily and would be happy to discuss any tuition needs that you may have.

Primary Tutors

Margo – Traversing new teaching strategies

I am a qualified Primary Teacher with experience working both in Australia and the UK and currently I am working as a relief teacher and tutor. I find that one on one teaching time is priceless in education and  working at My Academy gives me the opportunity to do this. I love to incorporate new teaching strategies  into my own practice and accommodate each individual depending on their goals. I’m French-Australian, so I try to travel and see family when I can – this also gives me the chance to visit new places! In my spare time I love to watch movies, read a good book and spend quality time with family and friends. 

Sarah –  Exploring concepts, expanding knowledge

I have a Masters in Primary Teaching and a Bachelor of Arts in History and Archaeology so I can tutor English up to year 12 as well as all areas of the primary curriculum. Tutoring 1 on 1 gives me the opportunity to ensure my students have a deep understanding of all concepts. The biggest difference from classroom teaching is seeing the additional confidence that comes from having a teacher’s full attention. I love how My Academy’s students are so keen to learn! Outside of tutoring  I am passionate about Ultimate Frisbee and have represented Australia as both a player and coach.

Laura – The Detective; Investigating methods of teaching

I am a qualified primary teacher with a specialisation in early years education and have been teaching in classrooms across Perth for the past 5 years. I have two children, a cat, and a husband and outside of teaching I enjoy spending time with them as well as exploring my family history and playing detective video games. My favourite thing about tutoring at My Academy is the relationships I have built with my students (and their families) and being able to watch their growth and improvement over time. It’s wonderful to see them reaching their goals. Being a tutor has also helped me discover new methods of teaching. My Academy is a great environment and Rachel and Anya are fantastic people to work with.

Iola – Building Confidence, Conquering Challenges

I was born in New Zealand but have completed my education in Perth from Year 2 right through to university. I am now a qualified primary educator with a specialisation in Mathematics teaching and have taught in classrooms in Metropolitan Perth and Kalgoorlie, working with students of differing abilities across all year groups. As a tutor, I am able to tailor my sessions to the specific child and form a relationship with each of my students, showing a genuine interest in their lives outside of My Academy while also helping them to achieve their goals. Working one on one allows students to experience less embarrassment when asking questions about the concepts they find challenging, so they can build their confidence and find success. When I’m not tutoring I love reading fiction stories, playing Hockey and being with my cat Ollie.

Cayden – Achieving goals is a slam dunk!

I have a Masters of Teaching (Primary) and Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) from Curtin University. I specialise in primary education but can also tutor students up to Year 10 in English and Maths as well as support students preparing for the GATE exam. What I love about tutoring is the ability to identify a student’s area for improvement and tailor a specific learning programme that will help maximise their learning potential. My favourite part of My Academy is that I get to work with students who are always enthusiastic to learn! Outside of tutoring I am a massive sports fan especially AFL and NBA. I also enjoy playing PlayStation, playing basketball on weeknights and hanging out with my two cats.

Laura  – Deep Diving into Learning

I am a qualified primary teacher, who has been lucky enough to teach both in Singapore and Australia. I enjoy tutoring because it provides an opportunity for both the student and tutor to focus and dive deep into concepts. This helps to really enhance students’ confidence within their school environment. I’m ecstatic to have joined the amazing community that MyAcademy has built. All the tutors are passionate to teach, and students are keen to learn. In my free time I like to travel, eat and do Krav Maga!

High School Tutors

Curtis – The Mathemusician

Specialities – Maths, Physics and Chemistry (Years 7 – 12), English ( Years 7 – 10)

I’m a firm believer that people learn best when they’re enjoying themselves. Students are much more likely to remember the lesson when they are engaged and have applied their mathematical knowledge to robotics or in designing their dream house. This fascination with learning and understanding led me to a degree in Physics and Engineering where I can unravel the fundamentals of the universe and use them to build up various structures and mechanisms.
I am also rather artistically invested through my work in voice acting, operas and choirs which imbues a sense of creativity and enthusiasm into my teaching style. As a volunteer for Edmund Rice Camps, I have learned to engage with kids of all ages and personalities. My Academy is filled with people instilling care and passion into their work. It’s a warm workplace that fosters learning in a positive and enjoyable manner. 

Miranda – Developing a passion for learning across WA
Specialities – English Language and English Literature (Years 7 – 12), HASS (Years 7 – 10)

I have a Degree in Communications and Media, a Diploma in Travel and Tourism and am currently working towards my Graduate Diploma in Visual Communication Design. Before joining My Academy I had previously tutored students in regional and remote areas of Western Australia and have seen first hand just how important building confidence and passion is in children’s education. My favourite thing about My Academy is that allows me to draw from my own high school and university experience to help children to gain the confidence in themselves to succeed. Outside of work and study I enjoy listening to music, travelling and volunteering with disadvantaged children.

Ryan – The Scientific Scholar

Specialties – English & Literature (Years 7 – 12), Biology and Human Biology (Year 7 – 12), Maths and (Year 7 – 10), Science (Year 7 – 10)

I am a Genetics Graduate from Curtin University and am currently completing my Honours in Environmental Sciences at Murdoch. I also work as a journalist for Football West. Passing on my knowledge and getting students to engage with learning in positive and creative ways is enjoyable and fulfilling at My Academy. Seeing students come out of their shell and embrace new idea and topics is one of the great benefits of tutoring. Outside of studies and work I also love music, being involved in community projects and volleyball (which I used to coach!). 

Anya – The Literary Legend

Specialties – English Language and English Literature

I have a degree in Literary & Cultural Studies (First Class Honours) and Creative Writing. I think the English subject is so important because it encourages creativity and asking questions. I love how tutoring gives me the opportunity to engage young people in critically analysing society and learning about the experiences and perspectives of others. My Academy has a very positive atmosphere, with kids chatting and joking in the lobby before and after their sessions and a friendly, approachable team of tutors – making it a terrific place to work and learn. Outside of tutoring I foster dogs as a volunteer for SAFE and enjoy dressing up as exciting characters as a member of the Perth LARP (Live Action Role Play) community!

Angus – All-round Extraordinaire 

Specialties – English (Year 7 –  12), Maths (Year 7 – 12), Economics (Year 7 – 12), HASS (Year 7 – 10), Science (Year 7 – 10)

I have completed an undergraduate degree majoring in Economics and Marketing and have a keen interest in geopolitics. I love being a mentor for young people from tutoring to coaching and refereeing junior basketball and football to hopefully partaking in the Teach for Australia program in the future. I also hope to one day bring my passions together by volunteering in the field of humanitarian crisis. As I tutor I have seen how students are able to grow in confidence when they overcome challenging concepts and believe that 1 on 1 tuition is a great way for them to enhance their communication skills and develop a greater knowledge of the subject. My favourite thing about My Academy is getting to know my students and sharing my past experiences at high school to help relate to them and support them with their upcoming assignments and goals.    

Varun – Using team work to achieve excellence

Specialties – Maths, Physics and Chemistry

I am currently a fourth year engineering student at UWA and as a tutor I specialise in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. My favourite part of My Academy is the fluidity of tutor/student relationships that allow for easy information transfer no matter the topic. A beautiful part of tutoring is seeing when a student gets the deserved reward of their hard work. There is little that compares to the satisfaction both the tutor and student feel when a question that was initially challenging is aced the next week. In my down time I really enjoy playing sport and find team game dynamics really interesting. Another one of my keen hobbies is travelling overseas, immersing myself in the local culture and purposely not visiting the major “tourist attractions”.