My Academy is well established in the Claremont area, offering tutoring and education support services for all ages and abilities. We pride ourselves on catering for our clients’ individual needs with excellence and attention to detail. Our primary tutors are qualified in education and our high school teachers are chosen for their depth of knowledge and their ability to connect with teenagers.  We understand that children have different learning styles and we offer group and individual classes.

We work in partnership with schools to support the wonderful work they do, and the majority of our clients have been referred to us by others who have benefited from our services. Our mission is to actively inspire learning for all ages and all abilities in their quest for excellence.

Director – Rachel Dreier

Rachel has a BEd (Hons) degree from Oxford University in the UK specialising in 4-11 year olds. Having taught for several years in the UK and gaining experience with a vast range of abilities and year groups, Rachel made the move into the business sector believing that world experience would enhance her teaching skills. When she moved to Australia many years ago she thrived on the experience of doing some teaching in Australian schools and realised how vital outside tuition can be to supporting learning within the schools.

Rachel has completed a Master of Education in Early Childhood and a second Masters in Special Learning Needs. “I love seeing how children learn and I truly believe that 1 to 1 and small group tuition benefits children in numerous ways”. Rachel is in the centre daily and would be happy to discuss any tuition needs that you may have.

Primary Tutors

Marie – Always finding the perfect focus

I am primary school teacher from Ireland, with twelve years teaching experience in a variety of settings. I have great passion and enthusiasm for developing and enhancing primary English and primary Maths skills of children, as well as fostering and encouraging other abilities, such as confidence and self esteem . My Academy has provided me with the opportunity to tutor children in a supportive, student-friendly and inspiring manner.

Katelyn – The Energetic Early Years Specialist  

I graduated from Notre Dame mid-2014 and have had an exciting and varied start to my teaching career. I have travelled from Paraburdoo to Northam to Perth, teaching mostly early years classes with a few jumps to upper primary. I’ve had the opportunity to relieve in a variety of schools, year levels and classes, from kindy to year 6, classroom and specialist teaching.
I love working with My Academy because, as a tutor, I have the opportunity to really get to know my students as learners. I can tailor a program for them that includes their interests and helps develop their individual academic skills and understanding. 

Tom – The team player to success

I’ve had an interesting life, growing up in Nicaragua, living in Fiji for 2 years, and also travelling through Europe, before finishing my teaching degree. I have taught in a number of schools across all year levels, and also have experience working within the ‘International School’ system. For me, My Academy is a place where enthusiasm and inspiration lead to achievement. My role is to motivate students to do their best, and help them develop the skills to become independent and successful learners. It’s also about having a bit of fun while learning at the end of the school day! I love sport and play a lot: tennis, basketball, netball, golf, Ultimate frisbee… anything! I look forward to helping each child achieve their personal best.

Lucy – Multi-intelligences win the day

At the core of my teaching philosophy is a strong belief in the importance of recognising there is no one-size-fits-all approach to education. My views on learning styles have been influenced by Gardner’s multiple intelligences so I believe that every child has the potential to be gifted, but it presents itself in different ways. Since tutoring at My Academy I have used my knowledge of learning styles to ensure that all my teaching enables students to learn in a way that best suits them.  I love coming in on a Saturday to be greeted by all the amazing students that I have the pleasure of working with.

High School Tutors

Curtis – The Mathemusician

Specialities – Maths, Physics and Chemistry, English ( Years 7 – 10)

I’m a firm believer that people learn best when they’re enjoying themselves. Students are much more likely to remember the lesson when they are engaged and have applied their mathematical knowledge to robotics or in designing their dream house. This fascination with learning and understanding led me to a degree in Physics and Engineering where I can unravel the fundamentals of the universe and use them to build up various structures and mechanisms.
I am also rather artistically invested through my work in voice acting, operas and choirs which imbues a sense of creativity and enthusiasm into my teaching style. As a volunteer for Edmund Rice Camps, I have learned to engage with kids of all ages and personalities. My Academy is filled with people instilling care and passion into their work. It’s a warm workplace that fosters learning in a positive and enjoyable manner. 

Max – The Ultimate All-rounder

Specialties – Maths (Years 7-10), Science (Years 7-10), Biology, Human Biology, French, Chinese and English (Years 7-12)

I have a Bachelor of Science majoring in Genetics and Human Bio, and am currently studying for a Master of Biomedical Science at UWA. I have always been goal orientated and I love seeing students improve their skills and reach their goals.  Whether that is to improve their knowledge in a subject they find challenging or to extend their knowledge to become the best they can.  Working at My Academy gives me the chance to develop the one on one relationship with students that means I can tailor every session to their needs.

Anya – The Literary Legend

Specialties – English language and English Literature

I have always loved reading and learning so after high school I got a degree in Literary & Cultural Studies and Creative Writing. I enjoyed my studies so much I continued for another year, attaining First Class Honours in Literary & Cultural Studies. I think the English subject is so important because it encourages creativity and asking questions. I love how tutoring gives me the opportunity to engage young people in critically analysing society and learning about the experiences and perspectives of others. It’s also great being able to help alleviate some of the stress of high school for students! My Academy has a very positive atmosphere, with kids chatting and joking in the lobby before and after their sessions and a friendly, approachable team of tutors – making it a terrific place to work and learn!

Jack Arnold – Passionate Chemist whose magic with maths

Specialties – Maths and  Science

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering (Honours) and Chemistry. I am a qualified teacher, specialising in high school Science and Maths. I also have 6 years tutoring experience ranging from primary all the way up to tertiary. Watching students go from a C/D average to an A/B average is great but the best part is seeing the enthusiasm and excitement build in students who once disliked maths and science.
Chemistry is my passion and I’m currently working towards my PHD in the field of Organic Synthesis and Mechanisms. Working for My Academy doesn’t feel like work because I have so mch fun sharing my passion for the topics I love (and yes that does include maths!). Outside of academia I enjoy swing dancing, big band jazz and rock climbing. 

Rhys – The literate Financier

Specialties – Economics, Finance, English and Maths

I have been tutoring for almost three years now and in that time I’ve seen students go through high school and graduate with exceptional results. I’ve helped them build confidence in their ability to understand tough concepts, and that’s what I find truly rewarding about my work. My Academy gives me the opportunity to work with students in all stages of their academic journey.