Accounting and Economics are often clubbed together as it is believed that they are the same. 

This is not true!  Accounting is a field that involves recording transactions of a financial nature and then summarising, analysing and reporting them, while Economics is a branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption and transfer of wealth. Be well prepared for upcoming exams with a My Academy Accounting Tutor. Perth High School Accounting and Economics can be daunting, our Accounting tutors and Economics tutors specialise in their areas and are able to clarify all the financial concepts and discuss principles in-depth. 

Love accounting & economics and now want to be the best

Ultimately driving students towards their best while making learning Accounting and Economics fun, enjoyable and inspirational. Challenging questions will be set to drive, encourage and push students by their Accounting Tutor. Perth High School Accounting and Economics will become easier as t tutors’ wealth of knowledge will ensure that all questions can be answered and extended so students can reach their full potential.

Love accounting  & economics but need more clarity

From spreadsheets to analysis, make all the numbers add up to success with an Accounting Tutor. Perth High School Economics is broadly split into two areas of study: Macroeconomics and Microeconomics.  The Economics tutors at My Academy are able to teach any area of Economics and ensure that the students fully understand principles and are able to apply these to any economic situation.

Cruising in accounting  & economics and need some motivation

During Accounting or Economics tuition the tutor will happily look at any classroom assignments and identify areas for development and extension.  Using the order that the school is running the curriculum does enable the Accounting and Economics tutors to plan for upcoming exams making sure that each student is well prepared.  Confidence walking in to an exam can make all the difference to the grades achieved.

Understand the basics of accounting & economics and now need to apply them

Our accredited tutors will work with students to quickly find the problems they are having with Accounting or Economics, then rebuild their knowledge or correct their misconceptions, making the relevant Accounting and Economics principles clear and easy to understand.

Why is accounting & economics so complicated?

Both Accounting and Economics have many facets that require a deep understanding in order to fully understand the more complex principles.  Our Accounting tutors and Economics tutors are able to start with the basics and work up to the harder principles.

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