GATE Ongoing Tuition

My Academy offers ongoing GATE tuition options run by qualified teachers to support students as they prepare for the GATE entrance exam. Ongoing GATE tuition covers all subject areas covered within the exam with a focus on extending the student and developing their understanding of literacy, numeracy and logical reasoning. The tuition sessions also teach specific exam strategies for GATE style questions, enabling the students to be well equipped for the challenging content of scholarship tests.

1 on 1 Tuition

My Academy’s GATE 1 on 1 tuition is completely tailored to the student’s specific learning needs and can cover all content areas of the exam, allowing students the time and space to consolidate and extend their knowledge with the undivided attention of a qualified primary teacher. The GATE tuition sessions teach the strategies needed to apply this knowledge to GATE style content within a strict time limit. Within 1 on 1 GATE tuition sessions, the tutor is able to focus on the specific areas of content that the student needs some additional support in and adapt their teaching method to engage the student according to their individual learning style.

Group Tuition

Our small group GATE tuition covers all four areas of the GATE exam with one hour of English and one hour of Maths. These sessions have a maximum of 8 students to ensure that all participants receive individualised attention from the tutor and the sessions are able to be differentiated so they are all working to the best of their ability. The GATE English group focuses on reading comprehension and writing, introducing them to a variety of genres and writing styles to extend their literacy and enhance their written expression so they are working well above average in preparation for the exam. The GATE Maths group covers a different maths topic each week, with a problem-solving component, extending students’ understanding of maths concepts so they can apply this knowledge to GATE quantitative reasoning questions. The GATE Maths group also covers abstract reasoning, teaching strategies for finding subtle patterns within a tight time frame.

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