Over the next few months many of us will be staying home. For many this does mean they will be working from home while also trying to ensure their children are being taught. Homeschooling high school students can be a challenge for many people. There is such a vast curriculum for high school that being a specialist in all the areas and being able to answer complex questions can prove to be tricky.

At My Academy we are offering online options to help ease the pressure of teaching your child as well as making sure that your child will not lose a year of education. All of the options are online and conducted by Accredited tutors following the Australian National Curriculum. These are in addition to our usual 1 on 1 tuition that is continuing online


High school students often have work to do at home and are able to continue fairly independently. However, there are those times when there are a couple of questions that they need answered to be able to continue with their study. My Academy is offering a daily subscription to be able to email the questions and receive the answer by the end of the day (Please note the tutors are not on 24/7 call so any questions after 5pm will be answered the next day). This does include any follow up questions on the same topic.


Online small group sessions can be conducted by an accredited tutor focusing on Maths, English and Science. The sessions would be structured to run with 1 hour of English, 1 hour of Maths and 1 hour of science. The tutor would teach the group through a range of resources that would be available to download through the session. We are happy to structure these groups for children in the same school and follow the termly topics, which in turn will help their teachers just continue as planned when school returns. These groups will have a maximum of 8 students per group to ensure that the tutor is able to aide every child within the session times.


For students that are happy to work more independently and do not require the assistance of a teacher once they have grasped a topic. The My Academy tutors will run 30-minute sessions to teach a particular topic that is 100% tailored to your child and will be taught according to their learning style. The teacher will teach a topic at the start of the day and provide links to resources for practice. If you would also prefer for the tutor to mark these resources this is also an option for a very small fee. These sessions can be run daily or a couple of times a week depending on your needs.


Year 11 and 12 students often have very specific needs by this point in their education. This is dependent on the subjects they are pursuing as well as the level they are aiming to achieve. For this reason, we advise that the groups are kept smaller (Max 4) and that they students are from the same school so that the same topics are being covered. We are able to tailor the groups to specific subjects including: English Language, English Literature, Maths (All levels), Physics, Chemistry, Human Biology, History, Geography and many more. Please contact us to find out our entire list of subjects.

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