High School NAPLAN Perth

In recent years High School NAPLAN Perth high scores has become far more important.  It can be used to stream students for their English and Maths in the early years of High school and for Year 9’s sitting the NAPLAN they are now facing further exams if they do not meet the average levels required for Maths and English competency.

What does My Academy’s High School NAPLAN tuition offer?

If the Year 9 students do not meet the required levels they will need to pass the OLNA in Years 10, 11 and 12. This can lead to extra pressure and stress in years that are already packed with exams.

How My Academy’s High School NAPLAN tuition can help

Many of the students will be able to answer the questions, but have they really read what they are being asked to do?  We have found with the majority of students the main problem they face with High School NAPLAN Perth is reading the instructions and checking their answers, it is the area that lets them down the most.  We emphasise that it is not the quickest to finish that is always the best!  During the High School NAPLAN perth preparation sessions, the students will be shown how to accurately check their answers and strategies to make sure that they have read the questions.  It is all too easy to miss the small words like ‘not’ in a question and then give the completely opposite answer to the one being asked.  As the majority of the questions are multiple choice it is easy to jump to the wrong answer if the question has been incorrectly read.

One to One Tuition

We only offer one on one tuition or paired tuition for Year’s 7 and 9 students as our High School NAPLAN Perth tutors have found that often the students have very individualised needs by this point in their schooling.  The My Academy accredited tutors pride themselves on helping students enter the exams confidently and feeling that that have prepared properly.

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