Writing can be one of the harder curriculum areas to mark as there is no definitive right or wrong answer. It is also hard for anyone without teacher training to know exactly what level writing should be at for all of the different age groups. My Academy teachers are happy to take that task for you! We have on offer different writing tasks that can be completed by any Primary age student at their own level. Once completed you submit the writing using the box to the right on this page and a qualified teacher will mark the writing and send the feedback to you with comments showing where to make improvements and what was done well. This subscription can be purchased by clicking the subscribe now button.

26 Mar 21

School = No TV

For this writing task you will write a discussion text, arguing for and against the given topic. Use the structure given to write the best balanced argument you can! Download…

12 Mar 21

Fantasy Creatures

For this writing task you will write a poem about a fantasy creature that you have imagined.  You will need to stick to the structure of the poem style you…

12 Feb 21

Revolting Recipes

For this writing task you will be learning to write an instructional text by inventing a revolting recipe.  Use your imagination to create the most disgusting dish you can! Download…

05 Feb 21

Playground Rhymes

For this writing task you will write a playground rhyme and also invent the actions and game to accompany it.  You will need to stick to the rhyming structure that…


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