What Are The Behavioural Signs That My Child Is Struggling At School?

What are the behavioural signs that my child is struggling at school?

Just like with adults, children experience natural peaks and troughs in their mental health, outlook…

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Your Teenager’s Developmental Markers

Your Teenager’s Developmental Markers

Last month we explored the developmental markers which can define the primary school experience for…

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What Are A Child’s Developmental Markers Throughout Primary School?

What are a child’s developmental markers throughout primary school?

When becoming a parent there is a wealth of information on pregnancy and early childhood…

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Supporting Your Child’s Future With Learning About Environmental Sustainability

Supporting your child’s future with learning about environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is our children’s future – here’s how you can support their learning about…

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How School Assessments Are Changing In Response To Covid-19

How school assessments are changing in response to Covid-19

In a previous article we described types of assessment processes and their function, and highlighted…

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Is Your Child’s Tuition REALLY Individualised?

Is your child’s tuition REALLY individualised?

Ensuring that teaching is individualised to the student has been an important component of education…

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How Board Games Can Help Your Child Learn These Holidays

How board games can help your child learn these holidays

While the summer break is a great time to focus on social, community and family…

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How Educational Spaces Enhance Learning

How educational spaces enhance learning

This month marks the 1-year anniversary of the opening of Perth’s museum, The WA Museum…

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Our Tutors’ Different Teaching Styles And Educational Philosophies

Our Tutors' Different Teaching Styles and Educational Philosophies

As a tutoring organisation, we often have parents asking us ‘Who is your best tutor?’…

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What Is The Focus Of A Task? Understanding Assessment Criteria And Feedback.

What is the focus of a task? Understanding assessment criteria and feedback.

Have you ever looked at the written feedback provided by a schoolteacher or tutor on…

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How Can I Support My Child With Exam Anxiety?

How can I support my child with exam anxiety?

Guest Dr Marny Lishman shares tips on how to reduce stress in the lead up…

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How Do I Help My Child Manage Their Expectations? Handling Disappointment And Celebrating Small Successes

How do I help my child manage their expectations? Handling disappointment and celebrating small successes

The middle of the year is often a time where people evaluate how they have…

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How Can I Help My Child Progress In Our Current And Future High School Environment? STEM, Technology And The Future

How can I help my child progress in our current and future high school environment? STEM, technology and the future

With digital technologies having such prevalence over our day-to-day lives, impacting how we work, socialise,…

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How Can I Support My Child Across All Key Areas Of Literacy?

How can I support my child across all key areas of literacy?

Literacy in our current and future societies is about so much more than the written…

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Why Is My Child’s Writing Taking So Long To Improve?

Why is my child’s writing taking so long to improve?

A common question parents ask is, ‘Why is my child’s writing taking so long to…

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High School In 2021: Where Will Your Child Need Support?

High school in 2021: Where will your child need support?

The world that students now enter into when they begin high school is a different…

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What Level Does My Year 6 Child Need To Be At? Life After GATE & Getting Ready For High School

What level does my Year 6 child need to be at? Life after GATE & getting ready for high school

At My Academy the start of the year is historically the busiest time for us,…

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When Should I Get A Tutor For My Primary School Child?

When should I get a tutor for my primary school child?

A common question we hear from parents of primary school children is, ‘When should I…

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Family Connection During A Most Unusual Christmas –  Some Ideas To Enjoy Family Time In New Ways This Year

Family connection during a most unusual Christmas – Some ideas to enjoy family time in new ways this year

The events of 2020 have us now approaching a very unusual festive season. With much…

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Spot The Professional And The Unprofessional In Your Online Search For Education Support

Spot the professional and the unprofessional in your online search for education support

We all know that seeking advice online is risky business.   Whether it’s Googling tax…

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Google Gives Us Information, But Real Learning Is Figuring Things Out

Google gives us information, but real learning is figuring things out

While instant gratification is becoming the norm, is it really what makes learning fun and…

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Consistency Is The Key To Success

Consistency is the key to success

It is the nature of human life to have to repeat things over and over…

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Term 3 & Time To Review Progress – A Helpful Checklist

Term 3 & Time to review progress – a helpful checklist

It’s been a rocky year and students have experienced a lot of disruption. Term 3…

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Learning From Now Until The Next Exam

Learning from now until the next exam

How 1-1 learning can help your child maximise performance   For high school students who…

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Time To Reset Goals For 2020 (and What This Must Look Like Now)

Time to reset goals for 2020 (and what this must look like now)

In the current high-stress, uncertain environment, the idea of setting goals might seem overwhelming or…

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Getting Your High School Child Back On Track In 2020

Getting your high school child back on track in 2020

Strategies to support high school learners   For the most part, we are back to…

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3 Key Principles For Feeling In Control When Life Is Turned Upside-down!

3 Key Principles for feeling in control when life is turned upside-down!

Important coping principles and ways to apply them in your family during times of crisis As…

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What Must One-to-one Teaching Involve To Be Considered Premium Tuition?

What must one-to-one teaching involve to be considered premium tuition?

At My Academy we are extremely proud to be considered one of the few Australian…

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The Most Common Question Parents Ask About Their Child’s Education

The most common question parents ask about their child's education

What level should my child be at right now?   The question that parents ask…

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Q&A With Rachel 2: What Options Are There To Extend Advanced Learners At School?

Q&A with Rachel 2: What options are there to extend advanced learners at school?

In November last year, we published ‘Our director answers YOUR questions about your child’s education’. …

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Goal Setting Tips From A Local Athlete

Goal setting tips from a local athlete

In this article, My Academy’s director, Rachel Dreier, shares a story about how her husband…

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Our Director Answers YOUR Questions About Your Child’s Education

Our director answers YOUR questions about your child’s education

We asked our director, Rachel Dreier, to shine a light on some of the most…

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How Small Group Tutoring Can Give Your Child An Advantage

How small group tutoring can give your child an advantage

It’s been a while since we have written on the benefits of small group tuition.…

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Are We Underestimating What Our Kids Can Do?

Are we underestimating what our kids can do?

One of our past staff members at My Academy recently shared a story about substitute-teaching…

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Helpful V Unhelpful Praise

Helpful v unhelpful praise

We want to encourage our children, so we praise them for being smart, or being…

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Who Can You Trust With Your Child’s Education?

Who can you trust with your child’s education?

If we think back, we can all remember the impact of excellent teachers and the…

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Is Your Child Highly Sensitive?

Is your child highly sensitive?

Does your child get easily overwhelmed in a crowded, noisy space? Does s/he panic at…

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Dealing With Toxic Classmates

Dealing with toxic classmates

The negative effects of toxicity among peers, in the classroom, on the playground and online,…

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Why Creative Writing Should Not Be Overlooked At School

Why creative writing should not be overlooked at school

In a world of standardised tests and automatic, technology-enabled processes, has creative writing been forgotten?…

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How To Choose The Best High School For Your Child

How to choose the best high school for your child

A consideration of which high school your child will go to starts early, but by…

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Dr Marny Lishman Shares Tips To Reduce New School Year Anxiety

Dr Marny Lishman shares tips to reduce new school year anxiety

This month we talk to Perth psychologist Dr Marny Lishman about her tips for starting…

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Fun Family Games That Are Good For Your Brain

Fun family games that are good for your brain

It’s nearly that time again… the new school year! We’ve now had a lovely long…

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Use The Holidays To Create Space For The Brain

Use the holidays to create space for the brain

A now well-researched field of study is how the brain thinks. It has been found…

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Will Your Child Be Ready For School?

Will your child be ready for school?

When children start school for the first time, they are suddenly immersed into a large…

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Is Your Child A Kinaesthetic Learner?

Is your child a Kinaesthetic Learner?

Your learning style refers to the way in which you most easily and effectively absorb, process,…

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Is Your Child A Visual Learner?

Is your child a Visual Learner?

Your learning style refers to the way in which you most easily and effectively absorb, process,…

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Is Your Child An Auditory Learner?

Is your child an Auditory Learner?

In Part 1 of this series, we introduced learning styles and how your child’s dominant style…

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How Does Your Child’s Learning Style Affect Learning Requirements?

How does your child’s learning style affect learning requirements?

Human beings have many differences in the way they see, interact with and process the…

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Towards Year 7 NAPLAN: Are Our Upper Primary Students Being Forgotten?

Towards Year 7 NAPLAN: Are our upper primary students being forgotten?

Last month we discussed the recent findings showing that students are failing to do well…

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Low Literacy Standards And Technology… What’s The Link?

Low literacy standards and technology… what’s the link?

In the online, technology-dominated world we now live in, and with Australian Literacy Standards slipping…

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How Do You Know You’ve Chosen A Reputable Tutor?

How do you know you’ve chosen a reputable tutor?

With the vast amount of information on the Internet, it can be overwhelming making choices…

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Time For Real Learning Helps Kids Reach Their Potential

Time for real learning helps kids reach their potential

Exam time gets a lot of attention from students, parents and teachers alike – but…

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Steps To Ease Your Child Into The New Classroom This Year

Steps to ease your child into the new classroom this year

Back in our classroom teaching days, we remember inviting parents to participate in typical activities…

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Has Your Brain Gone To Sleep Over The Holidays?

Has your brain gone to sleep over the holidays?

This one is for the kids!   It’s creeping towards mid-January and we’ve all been…

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Marley And Azzura Look Back On Their Year At My Academy

Marley and Azzura look back on their year at My Academy

Our furry friends Marley & Azzura love learning and have had a great time getting…

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Prepare Adequately To Reduce Exam Stress & Do Your Best

Prepare adequately to reduce exam stress & do your best

Anxiety around exam time is widely felt by students and their families, and it is…

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Term 4 – Don’t Waste It!

Term 4 – Don’t waste it!

Sometimes life feels like a race. You are running to keep up, to get ahead……

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What Parents Want: Results Of The National Tutoring Survey Of Parents

What Parents Want: Results of The National Tutoring Survey of Parents

The Australian Tutoring Association has released the results of a national survey of parents, and…

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Unguided Homework: A Waste Of Time?

Unguided homework: A waste of time?

Studies have shown that homework is proven to be unproductive, and students, parents and teachers…

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WA Parents Concerned Over Transition To High School

WA Parents concerned over transition to high school

Something we often hear from parents of year 7 students is their concern over transition…

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Why Good Research Skills Matter – For Learning And Cyber Safety!

Why good research skills matter – for learning and cyber safety!

In last month’s article, we broke down the skills necessary for effective essay writing. One…

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Essay Writing Skills Can Make Or Break Success In High School

Essay writing skills can make or break success in high school

A huge trend we have noticed in high school is that students simply cannot structure…

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Large Groups And Worksheets: A Waste Of Your Money And Your Child’s Time?

Large groups and worksheets: A waste of your money and your child’s time?

There has been concern raised from time to time about education support agencies that offer…

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Preparing For The School Year Ahead

Preparing for the school year ahead

Setting goals is a popular activity at the start of a new year. In fact,…

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The Power Of ‘yet’

The power of ‘yet'

In her praised TED Talk, Carol Dweck talks about introducing the idea of ‘yet’ into…

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The Sports And Study Balance

The sports and study balance

Australian culture celebrates sport and the outdoors, and ours is a lifestyle to envy. Most…

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Small Groups Accelerate Learning In The Younger Years

Small groups accelerate learning in the younger years

In a previous article, the benefits of small group learning were discussed. In this article,…

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Train Like An Athlete!

Train like an athlete!

Many of us have been eagerly following our Australian athletes in Rio at the recent…

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Accelerate Your English Language Proficiency For Migration, Work Or Study

Accelerate your English language proficiency for migration, work or study

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a test that measures the language proficiency…

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Homework Stress V Quality Time At Home

Homework stress v quality time at home

Our team at My Academy has heard a million stories about homework stress from parents,…

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How Small Group Classes Help Kids Learn

How small group classes help kids learn

We all know that group learning fosters social skills, but why is small-group learning such…

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Australian Tuition Strengthened By Standards

Australian tuition strengthened by standards

Tuition centres in Australia can now apply for accreditation, giving parents clearer choices in education…

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Why Bright Kids Need Support Every Week

Why bright kids need support every week

Students who are struggling can certainly benefit from time spent one-to-one with a tutor each…

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Planning for success at school

It has been well documented that goal setting is important for students’ success at any…

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How Does Food Affect Performance in School?

Another Monday morning when the alarm has ‘mysteriously’ not worked again.  Everyone is rushing to…

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Working Together with Schools

Private tuition, known globally as shadow education, is a phenomenon worth looking into. Research from…

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Family Fun in Perth

We found some ideas for getting out an about with children these school holidays. Experience…

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Don’t Forget to Play

There is a lot of research suggesting the importance of play and getting outdoors. Play is also…

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To Give Homework or Not? Here at My Academy we are often asked by parents…

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How to Help Your High School Student Plan Their Career Future

As a parent you should guide and direct your soonto be high school graduate to…

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How to Tutor Difficult Students

Becoming a good tutor is no easy task; it takes practice and patience to come…

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How You and Your Child Can Choose the Right College

Entering the university is one step away from the real world. Although education is a…

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Why does Dance matter in education?

Dance has been a part of the Australian arts curriculum for students from early childhood…

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Useful exam tips for all ages…

Exam time can be just as stressful for parents, as it is for their children…

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Perth’s Young Creative Writer of the Year 2013 is announced!

The winner of this exclusive creative writing competition, organised by My Academy….. is Gianna Lawrence,…

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Learning a foreign language: a window to exploring the world

Did you know that 497 million people speak Hindustani? And 392 million people speak Spanish?…

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Perth’s Young Creative Writer of the Year Award News

Special judges announced  My Academy is delighted to announce that Deborah Burrows and UWA Creative…

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My Academy Launches the Perth’s Young Creative Writer of the Year Award 2013!!

  Perth’s Young Creative Writer of the Year Award is a prestigious competition which encourages…

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Wishful thinking: The benefits of reflection and creating a vision

By Eleanor Hubrecht Learning requires reflection. From an individual perspective, “It can be argued that…

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Helping kids to understand structure in writing – Part 2

In our first article on what parents can do to help their kids understand structure…

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Tips for tackling NAPLAN

The NAPLAN tests are designed to measure students’ knowledge and skills across Australia. However, because…

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Helping kids to understand structure in writing

Perhaps the most common area of need we see when students join My Academy for…

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Ain’t no passing phrase: Stop Bullying

Bullying has been at the forefront of media discussion in recent weeks thanks to the…

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Welcoming Change: Transition to a new school year starts now

Looking towards a new school year brings the excitement of new possibilities and also the…

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Mental Well-being in Children

There is a general trend in the media analysing the importance of mental wellbeing. According…

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Use your Number Sense! Maths in the Primary Classroom

In life we use Maths in a variety of situations, and in early childhood children…

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The NAPLAN tests are over for another year and after all the stress leading up…

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Start Early! The importance of planning to revise for exams

At My Academy, we often have students desperate to book in for cramming sessions around…

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The Road to English and Migrant Children

By Maxine There are many pressures associated with being a migrant. These include some social…

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Our Valentine Messages

Thanks to all our students and their parents for our wonderful Valentines! Here are some…

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