Do you need a Physics tutor? Perth High School Physics is about problem solving, which is a skill that everyone needs on a daily basis.

It is thought that physics is the mother of all sciences and once you can grasp physics you will be able to unlock the mysteries of the other sciences and Maths.  With a My Academy Physics Tutor, Perth High School Physics will become less of a challenge. Our accredited tutors will work on a 1 to 1 basis not only to provide the key to unlocking the puzzle that is physics but they will also help students prepare to succeed and grow in confidence.

Love physics and now want to be the best

Ultimately driving students towards their best while making learning physics fun, enjoyable and inspirational. Challenging questions will be set to drive, encourage and push students by their Physics Tutor. Perth High School Physics will become easier as t tutors’ wealth of knowledge will ensure that all questions can be answered and extended so students can reach their full potential.

Love physics but need more clarity

Delve deeper into the world of physics with a My Academy Physics Tutor; Perth High School Physics becomes simpler when students achieve a thorough understanding of the way fundamental science works. This also helps to carefully assess knowledge and give students a much clearer understanding.  Working through problem solving, examination techniques and confidence building exercises, the physics tutors are able to improve a students’ performance in exams.

Cruising in physics and need some motivation

During tuition students will continue to build on concepts and skills students have already developed enabling them to apply these concepts to the deeper questions and investigations with the help of a Physics Tutor. Perth Physics lessons are challenging and many students find that the help of a 1 on 1 physics tutor can ensure they achieve their desired grades as well as easing them through the exam period.

Understand the basics of physics and now need to apply them

Our tutors will work with students to quickly find the problems they are having with physics, then rebuild their knowledge or correct their misconceptions, making the relevant physics clear and easy to understand.

Why is physics so complicated?

Physics has many different aspects that can seem very daunting.   The My Academy tutors are able to cover: particles and radiation, mechanics, quantum phenomena, electric fields, gravitation, nuclear energy, radioactivity, cosmology and many more.  No matter which area you need help with the physics tutors are able to break down the concepts and explain them in a way that will make any topic seem far easier to grasp.

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