Find out how a My Academy Primary Math Tutor, Perth can help your student.

Maths can be a difficult subject that is either loved or hated.  Even when it is a subject that is loved, a My Academy Primary Maths Tutor can help with the topics that are not as popular!

What a My Academy Primary Maths Tutor can offer

A My Academy Primary Maths tutor understands that patience is needed, and even though a child might find multiplication or probability easy, there could be other areas with which they struggle. Whether this is algebra, trigonometry, statistics or any other field, the careful, patient approach used by a My Academy Primary Maths tutor is the best way to get results.

How a My Academy Primary Maths Tutor can help

The My Academy Primary Maths tutors are more than happy to cover topics before they are addressed in the students’ school, following the National Curriculum.  This can increase the confidence of the student when participating in class activities.  There is always comfort in Maths classes when the topic is well known.  Alternatively, our Maths tutors can act as a great back-up to a student’s time in school, offering the time and attention needed to ensure your child reaches his or her full potential and has a full understanding of any topic.

Being able to do Maths processes with ease is one aspect of Maths, however can your child also apply this knowledge to Maths problems?  My Academy Maths tutors are able to extend Maths knowledge through horizontal extension and by applying Maths processes to a variety of word problems and logical thinking problems.

What ages does My Academy Primary Maths tuition cater for?

My Academy offers one on one Maths tuition for all Primary years from Kindy through to Year 6.  The Primary Maths tutors are all qualified teachers who work closely with the curriculum and are able to tailor all sessions to ensure that students are striving for the correct level in Maths.  The Maths tutors will assess the learning style of the student and make sure that they are taught in a way that best suits their ability to learn, whether this is through more visual, kinesthetic or audio activities.

One to One and Group Tuition

One on one primary tuition allows students the time and space to consolidate and extend concepts with the undivided attention of a Primary Maths tutor.

My Academy also offers group tuition for Primary Maths for Years 2 – 6.  In the earlier year groups, they focus on the key foundations of Maths processes with focused hands on activities as well as mental Maths consolidation.  The Year 4 – 6 groups work on a specific Maths topic each week, reinforcing key elements of Maths.  These topics are then extended through problem solving activities that enable students to apply the Maths to other life situations.

All of the groups are designed for the teacher to differentiate meaning that all students are able to work at the level that is appropriate for their ability.  The Maths groups are kept to a maximum of 8 students, allowing time for the teacher to give each student individualised attention.

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