Primary NAPLAN Preparation

At My Academy we believe that NAPLAN preparation is not just about preparing for an exam but upskilling all areas of Maths and English so that any student can achieve to the best of their abilities in school as well as in the exam. My Academy offers a range of workshops to assist your student with NAPLAN preparation.

Primary NAPLAN Tuition

NAPLAN has become more important over the past couple of years with some schools considering NAPLAN results when interviewing new students.

What does My Academy’s Primary NAPLAN offer?

For many Year 3 students they have never had to sit answering worksheets with no assistance at all and while not being allowed to ask questions.  It can be daunting for these students.

How My Academy’s Primary NAPLAN can help

Having confidence in the subject knowledge and being able to use this knowledge in all areas of the curriculum will ultimately mean that the NAPLAN test is simply another day at school.  The My Academy accredited tutors are all familiar with the various levels of the NAPLAN and how to achieve these levels.  They are able to give exam tips and strategies while also making sure that the subject knowledge has been developed further.

One to One and Group Tuition

For the Year 3 and 5 students sitting the NAPLAN exam we offer both group and one on one tuition.  Our qualified teachers are able to tailor the one on one sessions entirely to the needs of the student and tackle any gaps in subject knowledge.  The group sessions are ideal for those students that thrive off peer support, they will still have differentiated work so that they are working to the best of their abilities.  The groups are limited to 6 students for the Year 3’s and 8 students for the Year 5’s.

NAPLAN Workshops

The NAPLAN workshops are designed for the Year 3 students who are sitting the exam for the first time. 

What does My Academy’s NAPLAN Workshops offer?

The NAPLAN workshops specifically look at exam techniques and strategies to help with answering the questions accurately on the day.

How My Academy’s NAPLAN Workshops can help

It gives them the experience of seeing the style of questions and working in an environment where they need to have a go at answering the questions in the time frame given.  Time can often be the area that is the hardest as they are not used to working at speed and without any assistance at all.

Group Tuition

The workshops are run by one of our qualified primary teachers who is very familiar with NAPLAN preparation and the curriculum.  The NAPLAN workshops are limited to 8 in a group so that each student receives individualised attention during the sessions.

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