Quantitative Reasoning

GATE Quantitative Reasoning Workshop


Date:  Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th October 2022 – 9am – 12pm


Accredited Tutor



Description: The Quantitative Reasoning workshop is tailored towards the needs of Year 5 students sitting the GATE test. By this time in the preparation most students should be confident in their ability to tackle standard Maths problems and understand how to identify what Maths they need to use to answer multi-step problems. This 2-day workshop is designed to teach students how to adapt those skills and be able to apply them to quantitative reasoning at a fast pace. It is important for students to experience answering this style of question as it is very different to standard Maths problems. The GATE Quantitative Reasoning section is notoriously the most difficult section of the exam and requires very specific skills to navigate it successfully. While this workshop can easily be attended as a student’s first Quantitative Reasoning workshop, it is designed to complement the previous problem-solving workshops and fine tune the more intricate skills required in the exam. The students will experience answering the questions in timed conditions and full feedback of areas for development will be given.

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